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Today we are going to introduce a function called ‘Audiences Exclusion.’ With adHub, users can choose the target audience they want directly, also, they can exclude those they do not need. You may ask: Why should I ‘exclude’ them? Why not select the one I want directly? Choosing appropriate audience definitely not such a simple task. Usually, marketers have the problem immediately below:

  • Although I can target the audience I want, the size of audience I can select from the fixes menu is too small and that may make the cost of advertising increase! It’s so annoying!
  • It costs lots of time to set the details of audience one by one!
  • I had targeted certain audience last time, and some of them should have seen my ads. That is, the costs will be wasted if some of the audience cannot be excluded.

If you use adHub, these problems are easy to be solved. This article is going to introduce the function of ‘Audience Exclusion’ through examples of pet store, short term program of a college, and the case that needs to control reach and frequency with small amount of budget. adHub helps you solve your problems!

Pet Stores’ Campaign


There are many pet stores which actually do not sell big animal like cat and dog in city. Most of them sell small animals that are easy to keep in apartments, such as hamster, dugar glider, domesticated hedgehog, and so on. But, if marketer try to pick out this kind of animal in the menu of interests in Facebook ads directly, they will use a lot of time to do this work, and the audiences size will become small because there’s no enough options. It will bring out the rising of costs and have a negative effect on the performance of ads. What adHub can help is to that you get what marketers exactly want through the exclusions of some audiences. Marketers can ‘include pet’ in the menu of interests first, then ‘exclude cats and dogs,’ so that they can get most appropriate audience type and size. With this function, ads can reach those who have high possibility of high conversion rate. Thus, through using ‘Audiences Exclusion,’ marketers can complete their jobs faster and clients can reach their business goals easier.

Campaign of a Short Term Program of College


Through adHub, marketers are able to exclude the location that they do not want to target faster. Take the campaign practiced for a short term program of college as an example. There was a college located at Southern Taiwan who want to utilize Facebook Ads to promote their special course program. Based on the experiences in past, the appliers from Northern Taiwan are less. Therefore, the college told their marketer that they are unwilling to deliver ads to those who live in Northern Taiwan in order to increase the final conversion rate. But, to the marketer who has to manage several campaign, she would not like to waste too much time on setting audience by every prefecture. If she used adHub, she would be able to choose the audience of whole Taiwan and excluded prefectures in Northern Taiwan, whose numbers are less than Middle and Southern Taiwan. With a few clicks, the marketer can complete the requirement of her clients. Thus, the function in not only save the time of creating campaign, but also help reach advertising goals.

Grow Reach and Control Frequency with a Small Amount of Budget


When small and middle size business want to build brand awareness, most of them will choose to grow reach of its ads and control frequency at the same time. If they do not want to be billed for reach and frequency ad, their marketer may help them divide campaign into several pieces with different schedules, and use Audience Exclusion to exclude those who the ads had already reached when the next schedule started. It avoids to deliver same creatives to same audiences and waste their costs. Also, it avoids ad fatigue generated by watching same ad too many times. That is, Audience Exclusion helps realize more efficient distribution of costs and maximize the positive influence of campaigns.

After reading the introduction, we hope that you have understood the advantages brought about by Audience Exclusion. adHub, as a user-friendly ad technology, provides more accurate functions of targeting, shortens the time used to create an ad, helps clients reach their business goals.

We accumulate quite large amount of experiences of marketers, and create an easier and more accurate advertising tool that can maximize the effectiveness of ads. If you are interested in our products, please get in contact with us!

Zoe Huang

Zoe Huang

Product Marketing Manager at adHub Inc.
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Zoe Huang