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Special and Useful Functions of Performance Mode

Today, we are going to introduce ‘Auto-splitting’ and ‘Combinations’, which are two useful functions that you can find in Performance Mode of adHub. These functions help users save the time of creating ads. With them, you can create large amount of high quality ads in short time, and get enough time to come out advertising strategies and appropriate decisions. Also, these functions fulfilled the needs of A/B Testing. With A/B Testing, it will be easier to find ads with better performance.

After reading our brief introduction, you may have some questions as below. We are going to answer these questions by introducing a case study, and hope that it will that you understand the advantages come with ‘Auto-splitting’ and ‘Combinations.’

  • Why marketers have to create numerous ads in same time?
  • Why ‘Auto-splitting’ is needed when marketers are creating ads?
  • Why A/B Testing is needed?
  • Why marketers need both ‘Splitting’ and ‘Combinations’?
  • Why saving the time of creating ads is important?

Take the ads of gaming as an example. In order to won the market of Chinese-speaking countries, we usually have to reach users in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, and Taiwan. At the same time, in order to ad fatigue, we use several different creatives to improve the quality of the advertising. Also, to doing A/B Testing for finding sets with the best performance, we will divided campaigns by gender, age, and placement. Marketer can analyze the performance of each segment and evaluate the performance of each of them. It is helpful for ad management and achieving business goals.

With the official tools provide by Facebook, marketers have to create ads one by one. However, if they use adHub, they can create numerous ads at once conveniently.


After spiltting ads to segments, marketers can preview the sets of creatives and audiences.  They can check or uncheck the sets just like what we show at the picture below. This step helps them review their setting and aviod making mistake.


Through saving the time on creating ads, marketers have no need to spend their time on meaningless and repeated works. One marketer will be able to manage more campaigns, put more effort to develop their own advertising strategies, and improve the performance of campaigns.


 After reading the introduction above, we think that you may have understood the effectiveness of ‘Auto-splitting’ and ‘Combinations.’ adHub as a user-friendly ad technology, we accumulate quite large amount of experiences of marketers, and create an easier and more accurate advertising tool that can maximize the effectiveness of ads. When marketer’s burden was relieved, business goals of clients also can be reached.

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Zoe Huang

Zoe Huang

Product Marketing Manager at adHub Inc.
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Zoe Huang