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Let adHub do the dirty work for you!

‘I’m too tired! This job will make me blind!’ ‘Why do our marketers make mistakes continually?’ If there is no Automation Rule in your advertising system, these complains may keep happening, and the performance of ads may not be great as you predict.

So, what kind of advantages that adHub can bring to you? This article is going to help you understand this function, Automation Rule, by answer these 3 questions:

  • What is Automation Rule?
  • How does Automation Rule benefit marketer?
  • Hoe does Automation Rule help business reach its goals?

Automation Rule

With rules set by users, this function makes adHub system monitor your ads. It helps relief burdens of marketers, so that marketers have no need to watch computer screen every minute. They will have more time to manage other campaigns and analysis the outcome. Also, the mistakes generated by tiredness will be decreased.

adHub provides plenty selections for user to set the rule they prefer. For example, user can set KPI, the used rate of budget, the period of advertising, and so on as the conditions for system to take action on ads.


Take the picture above as an example. The first setting makes the system change spend of ads when it find CPC is greater than 100. The second setting is that when the system find that the credit is spent more than 10 thousands, the ads will be stopped by automatically. And, the third setting makes the ads only active in weekends. When weekdays come, the ads will become inactive automatically.

adHub’s Automation Rule can help you do more than the settings this article had introduced. With Automation Rule, marketer can put their effort into right works rather than keep monitoring the screens with eyes. Also, the performance of ads will increase with this functions.

Reducing the Time of Monitoring and Making Decisions with a Clear Mind   

Because the smart adHub can monitor ads and take actions to ads timely, marketers can save the time of monitoring ads. In other words, one marketer will be able to manage more campaigns than before, devote themselves into analyzing data, and develop advertising strategies. Therefore, marketer will have better efficiency in the future.


Reducing Costs and Growing the Business

When a marketer can manage more ads efficiently, the company can reduce some costs. At the same time, because the mistakes generated by fatigue will be reduced, the ROI will increase. When the ROI increases, marketers will get more sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm to their jobs. In short, Automation Rule creates a virtuous cycle for the company indirectly, helps the company growing fast in short term, and stabilize the development in long term.

After reading the introduction, we hope that you have understood the advantages brought about by Automation Rule. Do not spend your days and nights to monitor campaigns again! adHub, as a user-friendly ad technology, plays as your hands and eyes to monitor as well as manage ads for you. We accumulate quite large amount of experiences of marketers, and create an easier and more accurate advertising tool that can maximize the effectiveness of ads. When marketer’s burden was relieved, business goals of clients also can be reached. If you are interested in our product, please feel free contact us!

Zoe Huang

Zoe Huang

Product Marketing Manager at adHub Inc.
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Zoe Huang