adHub 5.11.0 Production – Release Note

5.12 b

adHub 5.11.0 PRO Release Note

1. Campaign Management Enhancement

(1) The customized column made by users will be able to be used in different clients’ account if adHub was logged in by the same user. Also, the customized column made last time will be set as default when you change the client’s account.

(2) Average data by page was showed in the same row as Sum.

(3)Conversion Pixel’s performance now can be checked in campaign management. If you select correspondent pixel when editing your customized column, such as the conversion of put into cart, the data will be shown on your table.

(4) Action Report was added in this interface, and it can show the data of actions based on different pages of ads.

2. Show caution message if Ad Account is in abnormal status. 

3. Standard Events of Facebook Pixel (Unified Pixel) were added in the menu of Custom Audiences from Websites (WCA). User can collect audiences, who have completed certain actions, through them.

4. Instagram can be created through adHub now if users’ Instagram accounts had been connected to the system by your manager

Zoe Huang

Zoe Huang

Product Marketing Manager at adHub Inc.
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Zoe Huang