adHub 5.12.0 Production – Release Note


Facebook Pixel (Unified Pixel):
– Optimization:When marketers create a campaign for Website Conversions, they can optimize a standard event, such as ‘add to cart’ or ‘purchase,’ which is a feature of Facebook Pixel.
– Tracking:When creating ads, selecting Facebook Pixel in the column of ‘tracked conversion’ can help marketers record the actions of users in a certain page of a website.
– Landing into the list of Tracking Pixels, marketers can find Facebook Pixel and view Base Code as well as Standard Event Code.

Campaign Management:
– Optimize adHub itself to speed up system when loading into the page.
– drive the speed of responses of clicking UI

Ads Creation & Targeting:
– Behavior Exclusion is rolled out.
– Marketers can set budgets of ad sets separately in Performance Mode.
– LBS Targeting was added, so marketers can target audiences by map and radius.
– Local Awareness  Ads was supported by adHub now. There are 4 call to action buttons for marketers to opt:  Like Page, Learn More, Call Now, Get Direction, and Send Message.

– adHub will shot several images from the video uploaded, included the the first cut,  and provide user to use it as the first card of video for ads.
– Retry upload function was added to adapt to Facebook API bug.
– Video Carousel Ads:Because of the limitation of FB API, now video carousel ads are counted as unpublished inline post. Pleas create it in the interface of Ads Creation by select ‘create post.’

– Lookalike from Conversions:
Setting several Campaigns / Ad Sets / Ads which are completed or active and find out lookalike audience by the converters of them. For example,  [A,B,C] are 3 Ad Set which were optimized for Link Clicks and got relatively good performance, marketers can try to find out 5% lookalike audience of them in Taiwan and deliver ads to them.
– Update ‘Custom Audience from Mobile App Actions,’ and make it support Most Active Users.

Let Ad Set can set their own Daypart :
– Divided several period of a day is available.
– If the ad set is in lifetime budget, using fb daypart will make the spend amount become more close to average number per day.
– If the ad set is in daily budget, fb does not support this action. Marketers are allowed to conduct similar things by rule engine, but the spend amount will be not that stable.實作,

– Columns of Result & Cost are added, please check ad set or ad to find the column.
– Review the column of report and make it same as campaign management.
– Update the system of reporting and increase the efficiency of finding a bug.
– Breakdown report can show the data per hour, but not for ‘unique’ data such as reach.

– Reporting is rolled out on adHub.
– Please mail pa_support to apply for account binding.

– Revise grammar mistakes of Japanese UI generated by codes.
– Add Contact E-Mail for sending  email from adHub.