adHub 6.2.0 Production – Release Note

6.2 b-

Facebook Ads Creation and Management

  • Ads Creation Flow Enhancement
    • Add “App Event Tracking”
    • The information of  ad scheduling is summarize at the last step of ads creation flow
  • Report Enhancement
    • Add new column “bid_info”
  • Campaign Management Enhancement
    • Show the potential reaches of booked R&F ads
    • Show the message, updated successfully, by a bounce window
    • Add new columns for user to identify specific formulas in order to calculate values
    • Enable users to set their custom columns as default columns
  •  Automation Rule
    • Enable system to check GA Transaction, Revenue, and ROI automatically 
    • Enable system to check FB unified pixel, unified pixel value, and ROI automatically
    • Enable system to adjust FB advertising budgets automatically
      • adjust budget through setting a specific cap
      •  adjust budget through setting an increase or decrease percentage

AdWords Management

  • Campaign Management
    • Add the interface to import campaign form AdWords
Zoe Huang

Zoe Huang

Product Marketing Manager at adHub Inc.
adHub產品行銷經理 / 日本語対応可能
從學生時期就踏入社群經營的世界,擁有Facebook廣告優化經驗,也取得了Google AdWords證照。
Zoe Huang