adHub 6.4.0 Production – Release Note


Facebook: Support API V2.5

  • Dashboard:Display ad spending information on Client Dashboard and User Dashboard by visualized data
  • Ads Creation: Support Custom Conversion
  • Ads Management: Add a new column, Delivery, to show the status of ad delivery
  • Add Notification
    • Send message to marketers when their ads are banned and pass the review after banned, and when the accounts are run out of credit and recharged
  • Facebook Pixel: Custom Conversion is supported in this version
  • Reach and Frequency Ads: In order to prevent the credit become insufficient when reach and frequency ads and auction ads are conducted concurrently, we change the display method of “Credit Left.” After booking reach and frequency ads, the “credit left” will be deducted. And after the reach and frequency ads are deleted, the credit will be returned. There are four  possible situations provided below.

1. R&F Ads spent more than expected

  • The ad spent will be revised to the predicted amount of budget after the ad is completed, so the deduction of credit left will be same as the initiation.
  • If marketers delete the ad before it is completed and the spent is surpass the predicted amount of credit, the system will deduct the extra part of credit automatically.

2. R&F Ads spent less than expected

  • If the ad is completed, the system will return the credit left.
  • If the ad is deleted before its due and the ad spent is less than prediction, the credit will be returned to the account.


  • Import video campaign into adHub is possible.
  • Create budget order on adHub is possible.

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Zoe Huang

Zoe Huang

Product Marketing Manager at adHub Inc.
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Zoe Huang