adHub 6.5.0 Production – Release Note



  • Update of Agency / Client Management:Credit information in different media accounts will be shown separately.
  • Update of Ads Creation Flow:
    Now you can select [ Target everyone in this area / Target those who live here / Target those who have visited here recently / Target those who have travelled here recently] when targeting location in ads creation flow.
  • Update of Campaign Management:
    – Drag the column divider on the top to adjust the width of columns.
    – The first three columns will be frozen by default.
    – Now you can switch delivery mode between standard and accelerated in advanced ad scheduling.
    (Note: You cannot use accelerated delivery when using auto-bidding )
  • Update of Facebook Pixel:Support using shared pixel to build Website Custom Audience (WCA)
  • Breakdown Report:When retrieving data from Facebook or deleting reports, user activity will be recorded in User Log.


  • Separate different authority on Facebook and AdWords.
  • Avoid repeatedly importing the same campaign.

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