adHub 7.4.0 Production - Release Note

adHub 7.4.0 產品更新


  • Login & Settings:

    Login :Accelearte the login time. For some users, we may ask for reauthorization.

    API Version :Migrate to Facebook API V2.8

  • Custom Audience  New

    Custom Audience Creation:Support Audience of people who have engaged with your Facebook page

  • Page Posts

    UI :Adjust the UI of creating new posts to clarify the post type.

    Remove Offer Post Creation:API v2.8 doesn’t support offer post anymore. And v2.7 will deprecate on 2017-04-25.

    Call to Action button:Support 30 types of CTA buttons and categorize them into 4 types according to the scenario.


  • Campaign Management:

    When downloading the report, default columns will be shown according to the ad type.

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