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What is Dynamic Product Ads? What is Retargeting? adHub Teaches You How to Arouse Customers to Take Actions!

Most of the Dynamic Product Ads come from this kind of story:

Aaron wanted to buy a new case for iPhone6s, so he tried to find one on HUB Online Shop. After some hesitation, he decided to buy a blue case but his phone ringing suddenly which interrupted his purchasing actions.

‘This is Aaron.’

‘Hey! Didn’t we plan to meet at the theater at 15:00 today? Are you still at home? ,’said by Stanley.

‘No, I’m on the bus now! ,’ Aaron said.

Aaron knew that he is ridiculous, so he turned off the computer and went out immediately.

After watching movie, Aaron forgot that he was buying a cellphone case. However, if HUB Online Shop have used Dynamic Product Ads and Retargeting Strategies, Aaron would see the ads of phone cases when he logs in his Facebook App. The ads will arouse Aaron to complete his purchasing actions.


Dynamic Product Ads = Product Feed + Page Post Template + Retargeting = Improve Sales Performance


What is Dynamic Product Ads? As the name implies, the contents of Dynamic Product Ads will be changed automatically when the contents of product feeds are changed, so we say that the Ads is dynamic. This kind of ads is convenient for businesses who have large amount of products to promote, and those who want to create personalized ads for potential customers and existing customers, such as retailers and electronic commerce. You may ask: why? Because with Dynamic Product Ads, marketers have no need to create lots of ads for each product dividedly, and they do not need to reset the ads when the information of products are changed, this ads will benefits businesses who have numeral products to sell. In the article below, we are going to introduce you four important concepts of Dynamic Product Ads: Product Feed, Page Post Template, Pixel, and Retargeting.

1. Product Feeds

Product Feeds indicates the information of products on online shop, such as names, prices, descriptions of products which are usually written in XML format. In order to make the process of creating ads faster for marketers, using product feed is inevitable. Creating product feeds, however, is a cumbersome work. Thus, adHub developed a tool for business to build up their product feeds efficiently. Marketers only have to import the URL of a website and set some parameters, the tools will extract the information out automatically and create the product feed. With Dynamic Product Ads and Product Feed Auto-create Tools of adHub, it is easier to generate ads for products.

Additionally, Product Feeds has the other feature:  the content of ads will be linked to product feeds. Take Arron’s story as an example. After Aaron found the case he like on HUB Online Shop, he was too busy to go back to that page again, so he has not purchased it. At the lunch time today, he saw the ad of that item on Facebook, but he could not complete the process of purchasing because of a call from his business partner. After the work, he scrolled through the news feed of Facebook and tried to find that ad, but he cannot find it anymore. Why did it happen? Because the blue cellphone case is too popular, all of them are sold out. The ad was stopped by system automatically. Businesses do not have to waste their money to promote the item that they cannot sell.

2. Page Post Template


Accomplishing Product Feeds does not mean the Dynamic Product Ads is created. Marketers have to put Page Post Template on Product Feeds so that the qualified ads will be created. In this step, marketers have to input the Headline and some key words of ads, the template will extract the information and photo of products from Product Feed automatically and create lots of ads at once. Also, marketers can choose to promote one product one time, or using carousel format to promote several products at one time.*

3. Pixels

Facebook provided two kind of pixels for businesses before, there are Website Conversion Pixel and Website Custom Audience Pixel. When delivering Dynamic Product Ads, we usually use Website Custom Audience Pixel to collect the data of those who have visited the website, and do retargeting with these data because the users have shown their interests to products in the website, just like Aaron. Now, Facebook combine these two tools to a single pixel called Facebook Pixel. With a single pixel, marketers can tracking conversions, optimize conversions, and generate custom audiences. Marketers do not need to insert 2 different pixels to evaluate the efficiency of ads and make customized audiences. Although Facebook Pixel is a convenient tool, marketers still have to pay attention of the size of audiences. Whatever kind of pixels they use, marketers have to understand that if the data collected by the pixel is too less, the size of audience will be not enough from them to conduct retargeting and the cost of ads will be increased.

4. Retargeting

 Combing Dynamic Product Ads and Retargeting will improve sales outstandingly because the ads will be delivered to those who have certain degree of interest toward the product. Furthermore, with Facebook Retargeting, the ads can be showed on different devices such as smart phones, desktops, and tablets because the ads was delivered by users’ accounts which is different from the retargeting worked by cookie. The cookie-based retargeting follows the browser. If users change their browsers, the retargeting will not work during its inability to recognize the users. In order to let readers understand Retargeting deeply, we prepared some strategies for you to use on Dynamic Product Ads below. Hope that you can maximize the benefits of advertising with these tips.

  • Cross-selling and Up-selling

Marketers is recommended to use Cross-selling as well as Up-selling to improve the performance of Dynamic Product Ads. Take HUB Online Shop as an example. If the marketer of the HUB Online Shop bound phone cases and other related items as a set, Aaron might see ads of products that he haven’t seen before. When system found Aaron has viewed the blue case, it would deliver the ads of related products which were bound as a set with the phone case beforehand, such as ear phones and lens cleaning pen. These are products that Aaron might need too. Thus, Dynamic Product Ads let businesses set promoting objects flexibly, and improves sales of them.

  • Add Incentives


Aaron, the lead role of today’s story, did not buy the product at first because he was interrupted by his friend. But, those who have added the product to cart without finishing purchasing process may not have same reason as Aaron. It is because the price of products are tool high so that they choose not to buy them at that moment. When targeting this kind of users, the best strategy is to provide them enough incentives to buy the item. The easiest method is show some discount on the creatives of ads or provide coupon for customers. This will not only arouse their purchasing actions again, but also move the obstacle of paying the bill away. The sales will be increased overall.

After reading the introduction of Dynamic Product Ads, you may want to try this powerful advertising product. We have many experienced marketers, they will use adHub, our user-friendly ad technology, to maximize the effectiveness of ads and helps clients reach their business goals. If you are interested in deliver digital ads, please get in contact with us!

*For those who just started to try Facebook Ads, it may be difficult to understand the differences of Dynamic Product Ads, Link Ads, and Carousel Ads, which was called multiple product ads before. Link Ads emphasizes on the function that induces users to offsite, and Carousel Ads focuses on the present of creatives. Dynamic Product Ads can be both Link Ads and Carousel Ads, but it emphasize the links to Product Feeds. For example. When one product was sold out on its website page, the ad of that product will not be shown on the Dynamic Product Ads. This dynamic action is the key feature.

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