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Creatives Impact on Ads’ Performance!

According to the research of Facebook, carousel ads have 20-30% lower CPC than non-carousel ads. In the article we posted before, we explained our finding of the difference between carousel ads and non-carousel ads. In that case, we found that carousel ads got 77% higher CTR and 55% lower CPC than non-carousel ads. However, it does not mean that using carousel format is equal to good performance. If marketers only put images and videos casually in this format, the ads may not have better performance and even can bring you a worse outcome. So, this article is going to provide you the best practice of carousel format, and guide you to use appropriate creatives and strategies to improve the effectiveness of your carousel ads! The strategy of storytelling and how to transform carousel ads to your product catalog are explaining immediately below.

1. Storytelling

  • From Patterns to Details:

This strategy is use the first card to show users the appearance of products and use the last cards to show the features. Take the picture below as an example. The first card is used to introduce the appearance of the car, and the last cards showed people the details inside the car. The brand uses a single ad to show the design and functions of a whole car. The marketer do not have to take a film for introducing this complicated product, but only a few pictures to tell an attractive story. In other words, carousel ads save costs for advertising.


  • Follow a Process:

Utilizing the order of cards to teach users the usages of your products is also a good practice for carousel ads. There is an example of chocolate below. The brand uses carousel ads to teach users who to decorate a cake with chocolate creatively. The order of cards is the order of steps and the method is easy. It makes users cannot help but going out to buy a box of chocolate and a cake to try some interesting decorations.


  • Special Visual Design: Utilize the feature of carousel ads that it extend to right side continuously to give users special visual experiences. In the picture below, the brand introduces a same product in every card, but the background of card is extending like a story. Users will see some interesting items are dried in the sun and the last two of them are two logos of this product.


2. Catalog of Products

  • Background with Similar Colors and Specific Theme: It is important to establish a specific theme for the design of creatives because it presents the image of the brand. Also, using similar colors in the backgrounds of creatives prevents the disorder and emphasize the consistency of the quality of the brand and products. In the picture below, we can see that it uses wood as the backgrounds of creatives. Although different cards show different watches, the similar backgrounds intense the consistency and build the recognition of the brand.


  • Multi-Products: As we introduced in the former part, this example also utilize the carousel format to show the catalog of products. But, different from the former one, there are multiple types of products here. Because this example tries to show more products to users, the design of the creatives should be more careful to emphasize the consistency of visual. This example uses gray wall and some woods to promote the colorful products, and also show the style of its brand.


Apart from some successful examples, we also provides you some tips to recheck the creatives. These are the things we suggest to avoid.

  • Long description (more than 3-4 rows) or put too small text on images
  • The styles of creatives are different and it makes a mess
  • Put several pieces of images together in one card
  • Show a single product with different colors in backgrounds

Carousel format ads provide a sketch book for brands and marketer and it let people’s creative juices flow. If they do well on it, the production may be a hot item in auctions. If the production is not that well, the only thing they can do is to put the sketch book at home. We hope that you have got some tips to create a great carousel ads after reading this article.

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