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Introduction of Best Practices of Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads, rolled out globally in this September, had already been delivered by lots of brands. There are 5 objectives allowed to be used now: Clicks to Website, Video Views, Mobile App Installs, Website Conversion, and Post Engagement. Furthermore, buying Reach and Frequency (R&F) for Instagram Ads is allowed too, brands can have more predicable ads performance. Therefore, we can see Instagram Ads as a new placement of Facebook ads which provides different kinds of active users. We recommended marketers to use creatives meeting the flavors of Instagrammers, understand the value of Hashtag, and improve the performance of Instagram Ads. In this article, we are going to introduce you the strategies of designing creatives, text, and managing brands’ Instagram accounts. We hope that these successful experience will help you develop your own advertising strategies. Special thanks to Buzzoid for their tips.

1.  Creating Attractive Content – Designing Creatives

(1) Do not put catalog on directly!

We do not suggest you to put on your product catalog on ads directly because it will let users recognize them as ‘ads.’ Also, do not use lots of small pictures in a single creative to disturb users’ concentrations. If you need to put several products on a single ad, we suggest you to apply carousel format and let your products have their own frame to show their charm. There is a bad example below.


(2) Creatives related to brand, well-designed, have special perspectives will meet Instagrammers need. We provide some example below.

  • Repeated Design with Plentiful Colors


  • Using Conflicting Image to Provide Special Visual and Promote Products and Brands at the Same Time


  • Using Stories of Real or created Characters to Inspire Emotion


  • Seize Special Moments such as the Beginning of a Concert and Sunset. Things which are Fleeting are Always the Ones People Want to Collect by Technologies.


  • Showing Special Arrangement of Colors or Lighting


  • Special Perspectives Generates Fantastic Feelings


  • The Power of Nature and the Affinity toward It


  • Simplified the Structure of Image to Emphasize the Theme


  • Attract Users by Delicacies Because Everyone Love Them!


  • Get Direct Responds by Humors


  1. Strategies for Managing Instagram Account

Interact with Your Followers

Businesses can improve interactions with users through following the followers back and giving positive response to their posts. Take gaming as an example. Screenshot what really happens in the game and post it in Instagram is a good way to improve engagements. This action will let players who show up in that post feel that they are paid attention by the game. To those who did not show up in the post, they will feel excited because maybe they will be posted the next time. The existing app users will devote themselves into the game, and the posts also demo the game to their potential customers. That is, the screen shots not only help seize the existing customers, but increase new customers.


Cross-SNS Promotion

Because Instagrammers and Facebook users follow different objects, if you let Instagrammer know the existence of Facebook page and let Facebook users know the existence of Instagram, both the features of two sides will be in action. Businesses will reach more potential customers with this strategy.


Using Appropriate Hashtag

All the posts of Instagram Ads will be dark posts. Thus, if you add hashtags into ads, that ads will not be collected under the group of that hashtag, but you can create some published posts with that hashtag so that if users tab the tag, they will see related posts in that group. Apart from using brand’s name as a hashtag, we recommend you to use hashtags introduced below.

  • Hashtag related to your theme and popular hashtag between users


  • Trendy hashtags are also recommended!


Instagrammers like to manage their lifestyle on this platform, dig out people and brands they are interested in, and they are scrolling it anytime, anywhere. Additionally, they are sensitive to the quality of creatives. If brands can design its creatives well, the brand image will be improved extraordinarily. But, if brands make creatives a mess, the strengths provided by Instagram will be wasted.

After reading our introduction, we hope that you have got some strategies to improve Instagram ads. We have many experienced marketers, they will use adHub, our user-friendly ad technology, to maximize the effectiveness of ads and helps clients reach their business goals. If you are interested in deliver digital ads, please get in touch with us!

References: Instagram Webinar on 20 November in 2015

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