adHub 6.8.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook Ads Creation: – Support campaign objective of Leads Generation. – Adjust the UI for Local Awareness Ads, combining the needed but confusing text fields. Page Posts: – Improve the efficiency of loading posts list. – If the posts list doesn’t load properly or doesn’t show the latest information, please click the refresh button to reload. Read more about adHub 6.8.0 Production – Release Note[…]

adHub 6.7.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook System Management: – Now adHub support the latest Facebook v2.6 Marketing API – Shunt users to multiple apps to increase efficiency.  Authorize apps in personal settings to activate the function. Campaign Management: – Fix the daily data for each card in carousel ads. Expand the ad to see the data. The copyright of all the articles Read more about adHub 6.7.0 Production – Release Note[…]

adHub 6.6.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook Agency / Client Management: – Update the process of adding new members – Support multiple ad accounts Ads Creation:Support Click Tag tracking Campaign Management:Now the conversion value for Facebook Pixel and Custom Conversion can be shown Page Posts: – Add a checkbox to show inline posts – Support Slideshow and Video Carousel Posts which will Read more about adHub 6.6.0 Production – Release Note[…]

Product Update|Bring More Customers to Your Shops! – The Update News of Local Awareness Ads

It has been a while since Facebook rolled out Local Awareness Ads. In order to create more personalized ads experience, Facebook renewed Location Page, location management and Dynamic Local Ads in Nov, 2015. This year, Local Awareness Ads makes breakthrough in format of creatives, letting ads more eye-catching, turning online users into buyers, leading people Read more about Product Update|Bring More Customers to Your Shops! – The Update News of Local Awareness Ads[…]

adHub 6.5.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook Update of Agency / Client Management:Credit information in different media accounts will be shown separately. Update of Ads Creation Flow: Now you can select [ Target everyone in this area / Target those who live here / Target those who have visited here recently / Target those who have travelled here recently] when targeting Read more about adHub 6.5.0 Production – Release Note[…]

adHub 6.4.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook: Support API V2.5 Dashboard:Display ad spending information on Client Dashboard and User Dashboard by visualized data Ads Creation: Support Custom Conversion Ads Management: Add a new column, Delivery, to show the status of ad delivery Add Notification Send message to marketers when their ads are banned and pass the review after banned, and when the Read more about adHub 6.4.0 Production – Release Note[…]

adHub 6.3.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook Ads –Update the Ads Creation Flow and Enhance the Audience Targeting Feature, including Standard and Performance Mode Update of the Ads Creation Flow The steps’ names of ads creation flow are changed. “Billing Event Type” and ” Optimization Goal,” which were in the step one, are moved to the same step of “Bid Price.” “Pacing Read more about adHub 6.3.0 Production – Release Note[…]

adHub 6.2.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook Ads Creation and Management Ads Creation Flow Enhancement Add “App Event Tracking” The information of  ad scheduling is summarize at the last step of ads creation flow Report Enhancement Add new column “bid_info” Campaign Management Enhancement Show the potential reaches of booked R&F ads Show the message, updated successfully, by a bounce window Add new Read more about adHub 6.2.0 Production – Release Note[…]

adHub Features|Conversion Lookalike Audience Brings You Quality and Quantity Audience!

Target on People More Likely to Convert and Increase Ads ROI ! You can generate “Conversion Lookalike Audience” on adHub to target Audience with high potential to convert, so as to increase your ads ROI. Function logic, using timing and our practice will be respectively introduced as below.     1. What is “Conversion Lookalike Read more about adHub Features|Conversion Lookalike Audience Brings You Quality and Quantity Audience![…]

adHub 5.12.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook Pixel (Unified Pixel): – Optimization:When marketers create a campaign for Website Conversions, they can optimize a standard event, such as ‘add to cart’ or ‘purchase,’ which is a feature of Facebook Pixel. – Tracking:When creating ads, selecting Facebook Pixel in the column of ‘tracked conversion’ can help marketers record the actions of users in Read more about adHub 5.12.0 Production – Release Note[…]