Advertising Strategies|Strategies to Promote Dynamic Product Ads

What is Dynamic Product Ads? What is Retargeting? adHub Teaches You How to Arouse Customers to Take Actions! Most of the Dynamic Product Ads come from this kind of story: Aaron wanted to buy a new case for iPhone6s, so he tried to find one on HUB Online Shop. After some hesitation, he decided to Read more about Advertising Strategies|Strategies to Promote Dynamic Product Ads[…]

Product Update|Local Awareness Ads Update

Solution for Promoting Business in Local Markets Local Awareness Ads was rolled out for providing a solution for marketing in local markets. In November, a new feature was announced: set location pages to localize your ads! Through setting up and managing the information such as address and phone number in location pages, Local Awareness Ads Read more about Product Update|Local Awareness Ads Update[…]

Product Update| Instagram Ads Update

Instagram Ads Support More Campaign Objectives Now! Instagram Ads, rolled out globally in this September, had already been delivered by lots of brands. There are 5 objectives (have become 7 recently) allowed to be used now: Clicks to Website, Video Views, Mobile App Installs, Website Conversion, and Post Engagement. Furthermore, buying Reach and Frequency (R&F) Read more about Product Update| Instagram Ads Update[…]

Product Update|Introduction of Facebook Pixel  

One Plus One Equals More Than Two! What is Facebook Pixel? Before the Facebook Pixel was rolled out, Facebook Ads provides two kinds of pixel for businesses. They are Website Conversion Pixel and Custom Audience Pixel. The Website Conversion Pixel tracks the actions of users when they left Facebook and browse certain websites, and business Read more about Product Update|Introduction of Facebook Pixel  […]

Product Update|Facebook Lead Ads

Collect Customers Information Becomes Easier than Before! People nowadays use mobile phones to play SNS or surf on the internet any moment rather than turn on their laptops or even desktops. Although the portability of mobile devises let brands can reach their potential customer any time anywhere, it is difficult for users to fill any Read more about Product Update|Facebook Lead Ads[…]

Product Update|Table of Facebook Campaign Objective, Billing Event Type, and Optimization Goal 

Objective Billing Event Type Optimization Goal (Default) Canvas App Installs CPM Installs, Impressions, Post Engagement CPA Installs, Post Engagement Canvas App Engagement CPM APP Engagement, Installs, Impressions, Post Engagement, Reach CPA Installs, Post Engagement Event Responses CPM Event Response, Impressions, Post Engagement, Reach Local Awareness CPM Reach Mobile App Installs CPM Installs, Link Clicks, Impressions, Reach CPA Installs Read more about Product Update|Table of Facebook Campaign Objective, Billing Event Type, and Optimization Goal […]

facebook 新增廣告投放選項:Accelerated Delivery

本週 facebook 更新廣告投放選項,新增了「Accelerated 加速模式」這個選擇。連同原有的標準模式與排程模式,現在一共有 3 種投放方式可供選擇,以下逐一介紹: 標準模式 (Standard): 會嘗試在廣告走期內平均地投放廣告給目標族群,預算的消耗與曝光量不會有太大的起伏變化。適合希望廣告在行銷期間內能有較穩定而平均的曝光及預算消耗的廣告主。 這是 facebook 預設的廣告投放方式。 排程模式 (Scheduling): 為週間的每一天指定任意多個時段投放廣告,指定排程以外的時段廣告不會曝光也不會消耗預算。適合主要客群只在每週特定時段才觀注商品內容的廣告主,比如遊戲業者可能會想在週末集中火力投遞廣告,其他週間時段就不投遞。 排程模式只適用於採用全週期預算 (Lifetime Budget) 的廣告組合。 (New) 加速模式 (Accelerated): 為本次所新增,目的是儘可能儘快的把廣告投放給目標受眾,曝光量與預算消耗會集中在投遞前期。在加速模式下,廣告的投遞量不會平均分配在一整天裡,有可能提前在下午時段就將當日預算消耗殆儘。適合主打限時商品、結合實體活動 (Event) 、或是節日主打商品 (比如開學返校或聖誔節) 的廣告主。然而,若是廣告本身的競價太低或是受眾太少,即使在加速模式下也無法讓廣告順利投出去,這部份仍需要廣告主調整受眾與競價才能達到投放目標。 加速模式不適用於開啟「自動競價 (auto-bid)」選項的廣告。(註:auto-bid 與 oCPM 並不相同,oCPM 仍然可以做加速投遞。) 與標準模式的比較,可以參考下圖: Ref.

News Feed 排序演算法更新:針對重度 “隱藏貼文(hide)” 使用者,隱藏貼文對 News Feed 排序的影響力下降。

主動隱藏一則 News Feed (hide) 通常表示使用者對主題不感興趣,是 facebook 在排序個人首頁 News Feed 時的參考指標之一;然而 fb 發現,一小部份的使用者族群幾乎隱藏每一篇他們讀過的 News Feed,即使他們才剛對該貼文按下 “讚 (Like)” 也一樣,”隱藏貼文 (hide)” 對他們來說比較像是清理版面用的標記,而不是表現對貼文內容的好惡與否。 本週起,更新後的 News Feed 排序機制會讓這類「重度 hide 使用者」的 News Feed 中出現更多元的內容,隱藏貼文這個動作對他們的首頁 News Feed 內容排序的影響降低。對粉絲頁來說,在這一族群的曝光量可能會因此而有些微的提升。 其他非重度隱藏貼文使用者的機制沒有改變。 Ref.