Product Update|Brand Awareness Ads is Rolled Out!


New Objective helps You Improve Brand Awareness!

Prior to this, you may have known ‘Local Awareness Ads,’ but how about ‘Brand Awareness Ads’? Facebook rolled out a new objective, Brand Awareness, for marketers to conduct branding. This objective lets you enhance the ads recall of audience by strengthening reaches, frequencies, and targeting those who tend to spend more time on an ad. We are going to introduce you the strengths, placements, and settings of Brand Awareness Ads. Also, the differences between it and Reach and Frequency Ads will be provided.

  1. Strengths of Brand Awareness Ads

Brand Awareness Ads helps marketers optimize and measure which they could not optimize and measure in the past! Maybe it sounds awkward, but that is why Brand Awareness Ads is so helpful. According to the study operated by Facebook and Nelson, if the ads are delivered to more people and the time they spend on the ads are increased, brand awareness will be improved. Therefore, Brand Awareness optimize these two variables for you:

  • Reach
  • Brand Awareness

‘Reach’ is a concept that have existed before this change, so, what does ‘Brand Awareness’ mean when it play as an optimization goal? If you select to optimize brand awareness, the system will find those who tend to spend more time on ads for you. But to people in different generations, they needs different time to digest the content of a piece of post completely. Thus, the system calculates correspondent degree of ‘Attention’ and delivers ads to them for increasing brand awareness.

So far, you may understand the logic of optimizing awareness, but you may ask another question: how dose Facebook measure the performance of brand awareness? Engagement? Clicks? These are sparse signals although sometimes they do work. Facebook provides a new metric for this ads and it also can be found in Post Engagement Ads in the future. It called Estimated Ads Recall Lift (people).  It is a value implying the number of people can recall your ads if you do a poll to collect the data.  The factors which decide Estimated Ads Recall Lift (people) include reach, length of time that users use on ads, and over 300 historic studies of branding done by Nelson. Facebook utilizes these factors and estimate the number of people who may remember your ads. When people can recall your ads, it almost means that they ‘know’ your brand.

Facebook used same metric to test the performance of Brand Awareness Ads and Post Engagement Ads. The result told that Brand Awareness Ads bring 60% more Estimated Ads Recall Lift (people) than Post Engagement Ads. It not only prove the effectiveness of optimization engine, but also prove that this new objective is able to bring real benefits to businesses.


*After the new feature is rolled out completely, Post Engagement Ads can have the data of Estimated Ads Recall Lift (people). It will help marketers decide their advertising strategies.

  1. The Placement of Brand Awareness Ads

This ads can be showed on every placement of Facebook, including desktop news feed and mobile news feed. Additionally, we are excited to tell that you also can deliver Brand Awareness Ads on Instagram to reach users who love to follow the accounts of brands and trendy things.

  1. How to set up Brand Awareness Ads?

As introduced above, Brand Awareness Ads provide two kinds of optimization goals for you to choose: Reach and Brand Awareness.  The former one lets you decide your bid and reach. The system will optimize the total reach and daily reach of your ads. Also, you can set the frequency which refers to times that a certain audience will see your ads in a specific period. It helps confirm that audience will recall your ads but not feel annoyed. In other words, with the optimization, marketers can conduct marketing strategies accurately and spend budget wisely. On the other hand, if you choose to optimize ‘Brand Awareness,’ the system, introduced above, will let the ads reach those who tend to pay attention to ads. Whatever optimization goal you choose, Brand Awareness Ads should be billed by CPM.


  1. What differences do Brand Awareness Ads and Reach and Frequency Ads have?

Optimize reach when creating Brand Awareness Ads? So what is the difference between Reach and Frequency Ads and Brand Awareness Ads with optimizing reach? Actually, they are different buying types. If you buy for reach and frequency, you can get higher predictability of reach and frequency, but you are not allowed to change the content of ads or other settings during the ads are in their schedule.  If you buy Brand Awareness Ads and optimize reach, you may not get so accurate reach as the former buying type, but you can change your bidding price or other settings during the schedule to improve ads’ performance. In short, marketers will have dilemma to decide whether they want to get more predictability or flexibility. We suggest you to decide ad types by checking your KPI of marketing project again. Facebook Ads provides this graph for you and hope that you will make appropriate decision for your business.


After reading our introduction, we hope that you have known the details of Brand Awareness Ads. We have many experienced marketers, they will use adHub, our user-friendly ad technology, to maximize the effectiveness of ads and helps clients reach their business goals. If you are interested in deliver digital ads, please get in touch with us!

Reference: Facebook Internal Deck

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