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A Brand New Creatives Combing Videos, Photos, Carousels, Texts – Canvas Ads

You may have seen Canvas Ads on Facebook. It looks like a link ads or a video ad, but you can find one little dot with an arrow under the image. The “Call to Action” told you “Tap to Open,” and you told yourself “It’s an ad! Don’t waste your time on it!” Well, unfortunately, you just couldn’t help but falling into the world of canvas.

After several month of testing, now Facebook allows general users to apply for Canvas Ads. (Please check here to join the waitlist.) After passing the investigation, you will find a new feature, called Canvas Editor in the dashboard of Fan Page. In this article, we are going to introduce you the present, settings, specs, and the metrics of Canvas Ads.


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1. What is Canvas Ads?

Canvas Ad is a full-screen and mobile-optimized format. It combines texts, videos, images, carousels, buttons, and so on to give users more interesting post-click experience. When a user clicks on a Canvas ad, he or she will not be taken to a website but “Canvas.” Brands can combine different types of creatives to convince users to buy their products.  

2. How to create a Canvas Ad?


The default settings of system will provide you the column of a header, photo, and button. You can click on “+Add Component,” then design more special contents and details for your customers.


After the default column were filled out, you can also add new buttons, Carousels, Photos , Text Block, and Videos to make the content be more attractive.

If you feel that you almost complete the design, you can preview the ad in mobile device. If you are satisfied with the design, pressing the “Finish Canvas” on the upper-right side of this tool, then Facebook will generate a link of Canvas for you. With this link in a post, it is easy to conduct the last settings of the canvas ad and deliver it. Of course, you can choose not to complete the ad at once. Pressing “Save Draft,” then you can get this settings next time.

So, which objectives can be used by Canvas Ads?

  •  Website Clicks
  •  Website Conversions

In short, you can use an ads creation tool to create a post which includes a link of Canvas, set Website Clicks or Conversions as your objectives, and start a new advertising experience!

3. Specs of Creatives

(1) General

  •  The creatives in Canvas can include more than 20% text, but they still have to follow other Facebook’s policies.
  •  No Canvas can have more than 1,000 total words.
  •  Provide at least one link in Canvas.

(2) Headers

  •  Use an image no larger than 66 pixels by 882 pixels
  • Use the .png format
  • Use a transparent image

(3) Photos

  • You can have up to 20 in a Canvas
  • You can use .png or .jpg file types
  • A full-width image is 1,080 pixels wide, but you can use wider images if you select the fit to height (tilt to pan) display option
  • A full-height image is 1,920 pixels high, but you can use you a taller image if you select the fit to width (tap to expand) display option

(4) Videos

  •  Use videos with resolutions of at least 720p
  • You can have multiple videos in your Canvas, but their collective run time can’t exceed 2 minutes
  • To avoid competing playback, don’t place two autoplay videos on screen at the same time
  • Landscape orientation videos will automatically resize themselves to play in portrait. This causes them to shrink and have black bars on either side.

(5) Buttons

  • No more than 30 characters on a button

(6) Text Blocks

  • No more than 500 characters in a text block.

(7) Carousels

  • All images should be the same size
  • The maximum number of images per carousel is ten, also captions.
  • Images can be full height or partial height
  • The dots showing where you are in the carousel always appear along the bottom edge and can’t be removed

4. Does Facebook provide any new metric for measuring the performance of Canvas Ads?

Facebook will provide the data that measure how long users spent in Canvas, but there are no record of clicks, views or other actions happening in Canvas. Also, although Canvas Ads should be delivered with “Website Clicks” or ”Website Conversions,” the ‘Link Clicks’ you get in report will not be the times that users move to your website from the ads, but the times that they clicks into canvas. Therefore, we suggest you to insert Facebook Pixel in your website to measure the real clicks to website, conversion in website, and optimize the performance of advertising.

After reading our introduction, we hope that you have understood how to start your first Canvas ad! A canvas ad is similar to a trailer of a movie, and the website of brand is the movie itself. Marketers have to pick out all of the interesting, touching pieces in the movie, rearrange them into the trailer to trigger emotions of audiences, and brings a huge box-office success. Moreover, Marketers and Brands should understand that Canvas ads are supported by only iOS and Android system. That is, people can only experience the special feature of Canvas ads on mobile devices. Thus, the creatives are easy to understand and interesting will be the key of success in Canvas Ads.

If you are interested in Facebook Ads and digital marketing, feel free to ask us any question by email! We have many experienced marketers, they will use adHub, our user-friendly ad technology, to maximize the effectiveness of ads and helps clients reach their business goals. If you are interested in deliver digital ads, please get in touch with us!


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