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lead ads 1_enCollect Customers Information Becomes Easier than Before!

People nowadays use mobile phones to play SNS or surf on the internet any moment rather than turn on their laptops or even desktops. Although the portability of mobile devises let brands can reach their potential customer any time anywhere, it is difficult for users to fill any form with their phones because the screen just too small and it makes people feel unwilling to type down answers. Usually, brands lose their potential customers if the process of sign up is too annoying to users. But the good news is that Facebook Ads had designed a new type of ads—Lead Ads—to help businesses solve this kind of problem.

How do Lead Ads help you achieve business goals?

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  • There are only two questions in one page of the form, and the maximum number of question is 5. With this design, Lead Ads attract users to answer all of questions and rise possibility that people finish the questions completely. Also, marketers and brands are allowed to choose two kinds of information, they need, such as email, name, or birthday, and these two will be filled by Facebook previously. The simplified process attracts people to finish the form, also help brands collect data of customer or do some market researches.

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  • Because the customized forms are available, brands are allowed to decide what questions they will ask. Of course, you call also choose the questions provide by Facebook.
  • After you get customers’ information, these data can be transformed to target audiences. You can just deliver ads to them or lookalike audiences, generated from them. Also, you can utilize the answers of customers as the result of marketing research or some other projects that will benefit your business.
  • Lead Ads support 6 kinds of Call to Action, and they are: apply now, download, get quote, learn more, sign up, subscribe. These buttons guide user to take actions effectively.

What kind of products and services are suitable for Lead Ads?

  • Lead ads can be used in a variety of ways, every type of businesses can use it to attract readers of newsletters, do market research, promote events. The key point is that with a good incentive on your ads will increase the rate of conversion.

How to create Lead Ads? Is there any best practice?

  • You can find ‘Lead Generation’ in your menu of objective in power editor. Follow the process of Facebook Ads, then you can deliver your ads and generate leads.
  • If you want to use your budget a more efficient way, we suggest you to get in contact with adHub. We have lots of marketers who possess ample experience to help you maximize the performance of your first Lead Ad.
  • Before users click the button of call to action, they will experience the first and largest hesitation. Thus, we suggest you to provide enough incentive on the creative of ads. For example, mentioning that you will give users some coupon or some priority to get the first hand news on the creatives. With this kind of creatives, users will feel the action of subscription or signing up is reasonable and attractive. It is the best strategy for businesses to active their Lead Ads.

Please note that:

  • Before you start to create Lead Ads, please let your legal team review the questions that you plan to ask on the form, as well as lead ads policies and terms of service.
  • Please confirm that you are able to access to your business’s Facebook Page, and you know the URL to your business’s privacy policy.
  • Lead Ads could only be shown on mobile devices.
  • Deliver Lead Ads to those who are under 18 is prohibited.


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