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Previously, when choosing to optimize Video Views as your ads Objective, Facebook Ads System would help to collect users who’ve watched your videos and record them as audience that enables you to retarget. Recently, Facebook rolled out two updated functions: first, besides ads of optimizing Video Views, video ads of different Objectives also can record viewers as audiences. Second, not just record viewers as audiences, we can also apply different retargeting strategies on audiences with different video-viewing completed level. We would like to introduce you operations and marketing strategies of these two updated functions as below.

I. Function Operations

1. More Campaigns Allowed to Record Viewers as Audience

In the past, we could only collect viewers as audience from ads of optimizing Video Views. Recently, we can also create audience from Campaign Objectives of Clicks to Website, Website Conversions, Brand Awareness, APP Installs, APP Engagement, as long as we use videos as our creatives, we would be able to record these two types of audiences :

  • People who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video
  • People who viewed at least 95% of your video

In Power Editor (seen as picture below), we would see “Create audiences from people who view this video”; after clicking, we will be able to record viewers as audience. Some users may not find the option in Power Editor, but still see audience from video viewed automatically recorded by Facebook System.


2. Segment Audiences Based on Different Video-viewing Completed Level

Besides collecting audience from video viewed, Facebook Ads System can also segment audience based on videos engaging level. First, go to Power Editor, clicking “Audiences”, then click Create Audience” and choose ”Custom Audience”(Seen as picture below).

The System would show a window to let you decide the type of Custom Audience you want. If this function is opened to you, you would see“ Engagement on Facebook” at the bottom of the list, please click it.

When entering ”Engagement on Facebook”, you can differentiate audiences of different viewing durations and view-completed degrees (seen as picture below).

In the text box of “Engagement”, you’ll see a list of options shown as below:

  • People who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video
  • People who viewed at least 10 seconds of your video
  • People who viewed at least 25% of your video
  • People who viewed at least 50% of your video
  • People who viewed at least 75% of your video
  • People who viewed at least 95% of your video

Select the option(s) you prefer and choose the video(s), and put users of same engaging degree together to create an audience. Or you can select different engaging degree from different videos, then create these users as an audience. We’ll show 3 ways of audience creations immediately below:

(1) Activating Your Videos and Retargeting: Increase ads memorability and raise brand and event reputation.

This function helps you classify audiences that have video engagement with you at different time period, boosting retargeting efficiency. If you’d like to do retargeting and enhance your brand reputation, adHub will advise you to target on users who view your videos quite long time ago, and exclude those who have viewed your video recently. This strategy makes you promote brand awareness while avoiding users from seeing your ads too often, causing negative effect on your brand image.

(2) Choose One or More Videos, Create Audience of Same Engaging Degree from Video(s).

Decide the option of engagement you preferred, and select video(s).

You can select more than one video, rapidly creating audience of same engaging degree from different videos.

(3) Apply Different Engaging Degrees to Different Videos, Then Pack Them as An Audience.

Picture seen below is the interface shows that you can still choose other engaging degrees after you select one. For example, you can prefer “People who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video” from video A and “People who viewed at least 25% of your video” from video B to create an audience and target on them.

Just like other Custom Audience, you can name and describe the details of the audience to ensure your coworkers recognize the content easier.

II. Marketing Strategies

After reading our introduction above, now we believe you know how to create audience from video viewed and the application. Then, how to make these updated functions boost our campaigns? adHub offer 3 ways of video viewing audience marketing strategies to perfect your campaign.

1. Describe Product Stories by Serial Videos

As digital ads growing with vigor, more and more marketers and advertisers interact with users by use of video ads, telling them their brand awareness, product value and how-to-use. These kinds of ads usually hope their audiences keep on following all episodes. Facebook ads used to retarget only on “People who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video” or “People who viewed at least 95% of your video”, showing sequels to them. However, with updated functions, you can sort users by video completed level. You can show same video to low-completed users while showing sequels to high-completed users, making your ads budget meets its highest efficiency.

2. Increase Unique Video Viewed Audience

When promoting awareness of new brand, advertisers hope users to remember brand content, also wish numerous users seeing their ads. Marketers would make plan to reach large quantity of users, and every campaign would exclude viewers from last video ads. With enhanced functions, marketers can both attend to the scale of reach and engage with more new potential customers. Every campaign will exclude high-completed viewers from last video ads, and target on new and low-completed users with old video ads.

3. Collect alike audience from videos with different length

Due to different video lengths, ads performances differs, the amount of users from same completed level are also varies. As the functions updated, you can attend to audience quality and quantity simultaneously. By selecting different completed levels from different videos, you can control the amount of audience produced from each video, and create videos of several completed degrees as audiences.

The applications and marketing strategies of updated functions are introduced above, we now believe you understand Facebook video ads better. For remind, Facebook Ads Updated functions are gradually opened. The releasing time is based on your country, ad accounts; as a result, you may not able to utilize these new functions at this point.

If you are interested in our products and Facebook ads, please get in touch with us ! We have a lots of sophisticated marketers to help clients optimize their digital ads and maximize benefits with adHub, a tool to make advertising more efficient.

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