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Instagram Ads Support More Campaign Objectives Now!

Instagram Ads, rolled out globally in this September, had already been delivered by lots of brands. There are 5 objectives (have become 7 recently) allowed to be used now: Clicks to Website, Video Views, Mobile App Installs, Website Conversion, and Post Engagement. Furthermore, buying Reach and Frequency (R&F) for Instagram Ads is allowed too, brands can have more predicable ads performance. In this article, we are going to introduce Instagram Ads features in Taiwan, ads guides, and best practices.

*2015/11/17 Update: Mobile App Engagement as an objective is supported.

*2015/12/14 Update: Brand Awareness as an objective is supported.

1. Instagram’s Key Stats

Instagram has more than 400 millions monthly active users around the world. Most of the users design their lifestyles here. They follow brands and people they are interested, and read their posts anytime, anywhere.


In Taiwan, most of the Instagram users are female, and more than a half of them are 18-34 years old. 2/3 of total are business people. They are rich enough, have senses of fashion, and interested in trendy items. Immediately below is related data:

  • 31,000,000 likes per day on average (Buzzoid)
  • 14 minutes are spent on Instagram per day every user
  • 556,000 photos are shared per day
  • videos are shared 31,000 per day
  • 136 accounts are followed by every user on average

With the enhancement of Instagram Ads, marketers can recognize it as the other placement of Facebook Ads. The logic of these two ads are similar, but the users of Instagram have 7 times more brand’s engagement rate than Facebook and the posts here have more attractiveness to female users. Combing the premier image provided by Instagram itself, the high quality creatives of your ads will receive much more positive response from audiences and improve the image of your brand.

2. The Guide of Instagram Ads

There are 3 kind of buying type for Instagram Ads so far: MARQUEE(IO), Marketplace, and Reach and Frequency. All of the creatives may not include more than 20% text, and the other details are introduced below.

(1) MARQUEE: This buying type is same as IO. Marketers can buy it for photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads.


The specs of Ads are same as applying Marketplace and Reach and Frequency as buying types, please check out them below.

(2) Marketplace and R&F: There are 7 objectives provided now.

  • CLICKS TO WEBSITE (R&F supported)
    • Call to Action: Book Now, Contact Us, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch More
    • Call to Action: Book Now, Contact Us, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch More
  • VIDEO VIEWS (R&F supported)
    • Call to Action: Watch More, Book Now, Contact Us, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up
  • MOBILE APP INSTALLS (R&F supported) 
    • Call to Action:Install Now, Use App, Book Now, Download, Learn More, Listen Now, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch More, Watch Video
  • POST ENGAGEMENT (R&F supported)
  • BRAND AWARENESS (R&F supported, to ad accounts with CAN_CREATE_BRAND_AWARENESS_OBJECTIVE_ADS capability)

Additionally, there are 3 types of creatives’ format for marketers to combine: Photo, Video, and Carousel Format.

With appropriate objectives and optimization, advertising will become more effective and easier.

  • Photo Format
    • Design Recommendations
      • Image ratio: 1:1
      • Image size: 1080 x 1080 pixels
      • Your image may not include more than 20% text. See how much text is on your image.
      • Caption: Text only, 125 characters recommended
    • Technical Requirements
      • Image ratio: 1.9:1 to 1:1
      • Minimum resolution: 600 x 315 pixels (1.9:1 landscape) / 600 x 600 pixels (square)
      • Caption: Text only, max 300 characters
    • Call to Action:
  • Video Format
    • File type:.mp4
    • Played and replayed after automatically without sound(Default)
    • Resolution:
      • Minimum 640 x 640 pixel
      • Maximum 1936 x 1936 pixel
    • Maximum size: 30MB (Because that a video file can be compressed on Facebook servers after upload, you might actually upload a video file larger than 30MB and still be able to use it for an ad.)
    • Caption: Text only, 125 characters recommended
    • Length:
      • Minimum: 2.5 seconds
      • Maximum: 30 seconds
    • Supported video codecs: H.264, VP8
    • Supported audio codecs: AAC, Vorbis
    • Call to action: Watch More, Book Now, Contact Us, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, and Sign Up
  • Carousel Format
    • Ad Components
      • Maximum: 3-5  images and links
    • Format
      • 1:1 aspect ratio
      • File type: .jpg, .png
    • Dimensions
      • Minimum: 600 x 600
      • Maximum: 1936 x 1936
      • Suggestion: 1080 x 1080
    • File Size
      • Maximum: 10MB per image
    • Captions
      • Maximum: 300 characters
      • One caption per ad
    • Calls-to-action
      • Learn More, Shop Now, Book Now, Sign Up, Download, Watch Now, Contact Us

3. Best Practices 

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After reading our introduction, we hope that you have understood the user profile of Instagram and the format of its ads. If you are interested in digital advertising, feel free to contact with us. We have many experienced marketers, they will use adHub, our user-friendly ad technology, to maximize the effectiveness of ads and helps clients reach their business goals. If you are interested in deliver digital ads, please get in touch with us!

Reference: IG Ad Specs Guidelines

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