Product Update|Update of Facebook Ads Products in April 2016


The summary of Facebook Ads Product Update in April.

In order to improve ROI, Facebook Ads keeps updating its products this month.

1.Improved Ads Placement Optimization

In purpose of helping advertisers find their most appropriate ads placement, Facebook offers a new parameter that can be set up in the column of URL Tag. By working with the 3rd party tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, the parameter could check the performance of each placement and to corroborate Facebook ads Insight. The parameter, [SITE_SOURCE_NAME], could automatically bring ads placement sources information in URL of the login page. For example, if you set the parameter as [SITE_SOURCE_NAME] in different ad replacements, your URL of the login page could be these 3 as below:

  • From Instagram:?source=ig>
  • From Audience Network:?source=an
  • From Facebook(unable to subdivide): ?source= null

2.UpdatedLocation Management for Dynamic Local Ads

To make location management easier, Facebook has updated as below:

(1)Besides “setting” in Page, you can also utilize Business Manager to manage Locations.

(2)Though Facebook would still suggest you to build Location Page for each location, you can now utilize Dynamic Local Ads in Local Awareness Ads to manage.

3.Video Captions Generate Automatically

Based on Facebook research, the length of viewing time of videos with captions are 12% longer than those don’t have captions. This could possibly due to the fact that most people watch video on silent mode. With captions, users would comprehend at higher level, and also would entice them to keep on watching. You can refer to this website:

4.Canvas Ads Renewed: no need to apply for whitelist, you can find Canvas Editor on Page and Power Editor

We used to apply to Facebook to start Canvas Editor in Page; now, without application, you can find Canvas Editor in the setting interface when creating website click or website conversion ads in Power Editor. More information about Canvas Ads, please reference articles in our blog:

5.Lead Generation Renewed

Since rolled out Lead Generation in the 4th quarter last year, Facebook has kept updating it. Originally, Lead Generation is only available on Mobile News Feed and a single photo; now it also support:

  • Desktop News Feed
  • Add Context Card
  • Duplicable Form
  • Video
  • Carousel

These new functions enable you to reach higher efficiency when accomplishing the lead retrieving program, and make your campaign better!

More basic information about Lead Ads, please refer to the article in our blog:

More about Context Card:

6.Instagram for Business Page Released:

On this Facebook Page, Instagram will share latest product news, success stories and advised strategies to let more marketers quickly know Instagram ads news.

7.Personalized Instagram News Feed

Instagram News Feed used to be arranged by posting time. In the near future, Instagram will follow Facebook’s footsteps. By analyzing user behavior to speculate what posts will be their personal preference, Instagram will show posts by preference instead of by timeline. Through this alternation, Instagram hopes to make their users get to know and read the contents they really care and prefer, thus to enhance user interactive experiences.

8.Instagram Ads Overlay Updated

Overlay that shows after clicking picture with link or Call to Action Button now will automatically bring Page Name from Advertisers and a decidable display URL. The Display URL could be different from the final URL.


picture from:

9.Facebook Annual Developer Conference (F8) Announced the Latest Updates:

(1) Branded Content

Facebook regulated that Pages paid by advertisers and sponsors to post branded content should apply for permission from Facebook, or it would violate the Facebook ads and Pages policy. Now, Facebook rolls out a new tool (see the shake-hands mark as below) that enables Pages to tag the advertisers and sponsors. Advertisers could see the post insights and boost the content without being Pages admin.


After clicking the shake-hands mark, Facebook would show the guidance and offer a link of ads Policy for you to check.


Picture seen below is post with branded content.


Picture from:

(2) Messenger Platform Updated

With API, Developers and Advertisers can build a custom bot in Messenger to enrich user interactive experiences. Facebook also announced their test of sponsored messages in Messenger.

(3) Instant Articles  

With months of data collecting, Facebook find their users enjoy the experience of Instant Articles. Separately put same content on Instant Article and on mobile web, content on Instant Article get 20% more clicks and 30% more share than on mobile website, hence Facebook opens up the Instant Article API in hoping of more users get better experiences.

(4) Facebook Analytics for Apps Updates

Facebook Analytics would offer deeper Audience Insights, better push and in-app notifications, strengthened Breakdown and App Events Export API. APP creators will be able to automatically send push notification based on actions that users take in their app.

(5) Marketing API

Facebook F8 announce the release of the Static Recommendations API to prevent ads from under-performing, new Facebook Ads Java SDK and updated Python and PHP SDKs. By offering ads optimizing recommendations, Static Recommendations make it easier to operate ads and brings better ads revenue.

(6) Live API

Facebook gradually open up personal Live, offering instant, high quality and strong-interaction video experiences. Facebook found it welcomed by users, hence they decide to open up Live API to allow Developers to make best use of it, in hope of getting more people and media interacting and sharing news on Facebook.

The important update of this month was introduced above. For remind, most Facebook Ads Updated functions don’t open to all ad accounts at the releasing time. Instead, it is gradually opened, and often started from North America to Asia. As a result, your ad account may not able to use these new functions at this point.

After reading the important update of this month, maybe you will be interested in these new products but you do not have any idea to start it. It is okay! We have a lots of sophisticated marketers to help clients optimize their digital ads and maximize benefits with adHub, a tool to make advertising more efficient. Get in touch with us if you want to grow your business!

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