Product Update|Update of Facebook Ads Products in December


The summary of Facebook Ads Product Update in December.

In order to improve ROI, Facebook Ads keeps updating its products this month. We have collected the update news and written blog article for you to get more completed information of digital marketing tendency, the summary and links are put immediately below.

  1. Brand Awareness Ads was rolled out!

Brand Awareness is a new campaign objective provided by Facebook. Through new features of optimization and metrics, it helps brands measure the lift of brand awareness and get better performance. We have written an article for you to introduce the strengths of it, also provide other information of the ads such as placement, settings, and the differences of it between other ads.

  1. CPV (Cost per Video Views) billing and optimization were rolled out globally:

If your ad is billed by CPV, video watched more than 10 seconds will be counted as one view. This kind of billing benefits those who want to deliver more complete message to users. However, before this announcement, the marketers who use API to create ads have already could use this feature. What they have to pay attention is that after CPV was rolled out, more and more marketers will be able to compete the placements of CPV ads, and this may increase the market price. Please check more details of CPV in this article.

  1. The feature of custom audience was enhanced:

Prior to this, the information of custom audience uploaded by marketers can only be matched one by one, including e-mail address, phone number, and Facebook IDs. But now, Facebook can matched multiple real time data type at once. Apart from the data type which have been supported before, last name, first name, gender can be matched to find audiences. Please check more details of this change here .

  1. Facebook update the information related to parents outside North America. Marketers will be able to target different types of parents precisely. This is a screen shot of system.


The important update of this month was introduced above. After reading it, maybe you will be interested in these new products but you do not have any idea to start it. It is okay! We have a lots of sophisticated marketers to help clients optimize their digital ads and maximize benefits with adHub, a tool to make advertising more efficient. Get in touch with us if you want to grow your business!


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