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Through Reach and Frequency Ads, marketers can set a number they want the ads reach and define how many times ads will be shown on one users’ screen. Reach and Frequency Ads was usually used to strengthen brand awareness and boost sales of products. With the control of frequency, on the one hand, users will not forget the products because they watch the ads too less times. On the other hand, users will not feel annoyed because saw the same ads too many times.

This time, we are going to bring a good news to you: Facebook Ads will roll out several new features of Reach and Frequency Ads in order to bring marketers and brands more effective ads. There are four enhancements introduced immediately below, and we are going to tell you why they are good news to marketers and brands:

  • More flexible start time and end time:

Marketers now can start Reach and Frequency Ads at any time. Take a drink company as an example. Before the enhancement was rollout, the drink company can only start their campaign of reach and frequency at midnight 12 o’clock, this is not a timing that can drive the real sales because although users will play Facebook on their bed before sleeping, they will not go out of the door and buy a drink at that moment. Now, with the enhancement of Reach and Frequency Ads, this drink company can start the campaign at the timing that users will buy the products more likely. That is, more flexible start time and end time of campaigns drive better ROI.

  • Schedule Campaigns by daypart:

Marketers are allowed to set the period that they want ads to be active. Combine with the update introduced above, it makes ads can be delivered to audiences at appropriate moment. (Please note that it is not allowed to set the active period less than 6 hours a day)

  • Apply for this services at 6 months ago:

Marketers can plan and buy Reach and Frequency for campaigns before 6 months. It will benefit a long term management of branding. Maybe you will ask: How do I know that I will deliver reach and frequency ads the next half of year? Actually, to those who need to manage brands’ image, or those who need to confirm budget earlier, this enhancement not only helps marketers avoid the rising price generated by competitions, but also let marketers have more time to review the contents of campaigns.

  • Longer length of campaigns ( maximum is 90 days):

Now, marketers are allowed to extend reach and frequency campaigns’ lengths up to 90 days. It benefits to those who plan to combine sequenced ads and do storytelling in order to attract users by their products or services step by step.  In other words, a campaign with longer length will help to improve brand awareness, loyalty, and help marketers to deliver more completed message to users.

Moreover, do you know how to use Reach and Frequency to create a high quality campaign? Do you want to know some tips? adHub suggests you to combine Ad Sequencing and Storytelling, and they will trap your potential audiences and transform them to your clients.

Take the picture below as an example. We divided 90 days into 6 parts and one period will be 18 days. With the strategy provided above, we let audienceA saw the ad with the content ‘Andrew used only 90 days to pass JLPT N2,’ and let the same audience saw the ad with the content ‘Bob joined the 180days program and passed JLPT N1.’ The audience will not see same ads in same period if we set the frequency as 1, and if time go to the next period, the audience will be reached by the next episode of our story. This story will show audiences the performance of learning Japanese, and tell them that the language center provides coupon for those who join the courses in the last two episodes with a button of call to action, apply now, to achieve business goal. In short, sequencing ads is not only let ads be impressed one by one, but control the order till personal level. It helps decline ad fatigues but improve the product awareness with a single campaign.


After reading the update news of Reach and Frequency Ads, you may be interested in this kind of ads. We have many experienced marketers, they will use adHub, our user-friendly ad technology, to maximize the effectiveness of ads and helps clients reach their business goals. If you are interested in deliver digital ads, please get in contact with us!

Breaking News: Now Instagram Ads for Reach and Frequency is available!! Please contact us if you are interested in it!

Zoe Huang

Zoe Huang

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