adHub 7.5.0 Production - Release Note

FACEBOOK Campaign Management: Ad Set Level :Add columns including Campaign Memo and Campaign Spend Cap Ad Level:Show tracking app event correctly Audience Targeting: UI adjustment:Add reset button in interest and behavior targeting Custom Audience
: Audience management:Add refresh button to sync audience status manually Lookalike audience creation:Add function to batch create split and non-split audience Creative Read more about adHub 7.5.0 Production - Release Note[…]

adHub 7.4.0 Production - Release Note

FACEBOOK Login & Settings: Login :Accelearte the login time. For some users, we may ask for reauthorization. API Version :Migrate to Facebook API V2.8 Custom Audience  New : Custom Audience Creation:Support Audience of people who have engaged with your Facebook page Page Posts
  New : UI :Adjust the UI of creating new posts to clarify the post type. Read more about adHub 7.4.0 Production - Release Note[…]

adHub 7.3.0 Production - Release Note

FACEBOOK Ads Creation: UI Redesign:Adjust the UI of mode selection to help users understand it. Reach and Frequency Ads:Support advanced modes of ”Sequence“ and ”Schedule“ to deliver ads. Inbox  New : UI Optimization:Integrate inbox and notification and improve readability. New Notifications Added:”Automated Rules Trigger“ and ”Unusual Ads Pause Activity“ Mail Notification:Adjusted the template to show Read more about adHub 7.3.0 Production - Release Note[…]

adHub 7.1.0 Production - Release Note

FACEBOOK Ads Creation: Optimization & Bidding:Adjust the UI to help users understand Facebook bidding and billing. Campaign Management : New   Function:Now you can “Add New Ads” when editing existed adsets , the steps are simplified and support adding multiple ads at the same time. The copyright of all the articles in this blog belongs to Read more about adHub 7.1.0 Production - Release Note[…]

adHub 6.7.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook System Management: – Now adHub support the latest Facebook v2.6 Marketing API – Shunt users to multiple apps to increase efficiency.  Authorize apps in personal settings to activate the function. Campaign Management: – Fix the daily data for each card in carousel ads. Expand the ad to see the data. The copyright of all the articles Read more about adHub 6.7.0 Production – Release Note[…]