adHub 7.6.0 Production - Release Note

FACEBOOK Ads Creation: Facebook Pixel ID:Besides showing the name of Facebook pixel, we also add pixel ID for your convenience to recognize. Bidding Mode:When your optimization goal is App Install or Website Conversion, we support using “Average” or “Maximum” mode to bid. The copyright of all the articles in this blog belongs to adHub. If you Read more about adHub 7.6.0 Production - Release Note[…]

adHub 7.5.0 Production - Release Note

FACEBOOK Campaign Management: Ad Set Level :Add columns including Campaign Memo and Campaign Spend Cap Ad Level:Show tracking app event correctly Audience Targeting: UI adjustment:Add reset button in interest and behavior targeting Custom Audience
: Audience management:Add refresh button to sync audience status manually Lookalike audience creation:Add function to batch create split and non-split audience Creative Read more about adHub 7.5.0 Production - Release Note[…]

adHub 7.4.0 Production - Release Note

FACEBOOK Login & Settings: Login :Accelearte the login time. For some users, we may ask for reauthorization. API Version :Migrate to Facebook API V2.8 Custom Audience  New : Custom Audience Creation:Support Audience of people who have engaged with your Facebook page Page Posts
  New : UI :Adjust the UI of creating new posts to clarify the post type. Read more about adHub 7.4.0 Production - Release Note[…]

adHub 7.3.0 Production - Release Note

FACEBOOK Ads Creation: UI Redesign:Adjust the UI of mode selection to help users understand it. Reach and Frequency Ads:Support advanced modes of ”Sequence“ and ”Schedule“ to deliver ads. Inbox  New : UI Optimization:Integrate inbox and notification and improve readability. New Notifications Added:”Automated Rules Trigger“ and ”Unusual Ads Pause Activity“ Mail Notification:Adjusted the template to show Read more about adHub 7.3.0 Production - Release Note[…]

adHub 7.1.0 Production - Release Note

FACEBOOK Ads Creation: Optimization & Bidding:Adjust the UI to help users understand Facebook bidding and billing. Campaign Management : New   Function:Now you can “Add New Ads” when editing existed adsets , the steps are simplified and support adding multiple ads at the same time. The copyright of all the articles in this blog belongs to Read more about adHub 7.1.0 Production - Release Note[…]

adHub 6.9.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook Page Posts: – Support using video materials to create link posts. Notification : – When system receives an ads recommendation which will influence ads delivery, it will be shown in your notifications. The copyright of all the articles in this blog belongs to adHub. If you want to utilize the content in this article, Read more about adHub 6.9.0 Production – Release Note[…]