adHub 6.6.0 Production – Release Note

Facebook Agency / Client Management: – Update the process of adding new members – Support multiple ad accounts Ads Creation:Support Click Tag tracking Campaign Management:Now the conversion value for Facebook Pixel and Custom Conversion can be shown Page Posts: – Add a checkbox to show inline posts – Support Slideshow and Video Carousel Posts which will Read more about adHub 6.6.0 Production – Release Note[…]

adHub 5.11.0 Production – Release Note

adHub 5.11.0 PRO Release Note 1. Campaign Management Enhancement (1) The customized column made by users will be able to be used in different clients’ account if adHub was logged in by the same user. Also, the customized column made last time will be set as default when you change the client’s account. (2) Average Read more about adHub 5.11.0 Production – Release Note[…]

Product Update|Table of Facebook Campaign Objective, Billing Event Type, and Optimization Goal 

Objective Billing Event Type Optimization Goal (Default) Canvas App Installs CPM Installs, Impressions, Post Engagement CPA Installs, Post Engagement Canvas App Engagement CPM APP Engagement, Installs, Impressions, Post Engagement, Reach CPA Installs, Post Engagement Event Responses CPM Event Response, Impressions, Post Engagement, Reach Local Awareness CPM Reach Mobile App Installs CPM Installs, Link Clicks, Impressions, Reach CPA Installs Read more about Product Update|Table of Facebook Campaign Objective, Billing Event Type, and Optimization Goal […]

adHub 5.8.1 Release Note

ADHub Beta 5.8.1 Released! Release Note: – Campaign Management (相關介紹可以參考 這篇): 1. 新增 Clone Campaign 功能: 複製現有的 Campaign/Adset/Ad 至草稿管理頁面,並發佈到 facebook 上。 2. 新增 Creative Editor:可於 Campaign Manegement 內修改 Creative。 3. oCPM 在 Objective 欄位會呈現所優化的目標。 – Draft Management : 1. 新增 草稿管理頁面: 管理/修改/發佈/刪除草稿 (已發佈的 Campaign/Adset 若底下有任何草稿的 Adset/Ad 也會出現在草稿管理頁面,但無法進行操作,請至 Campaign Management 修改) 有任何問題請來信至 pa_support,感謝!!

adHub 5.8.0 – Campaign Clone 功能介紹

本次 adHub 5.8.0 的更新,推出了期待己久的「複製 Campaign (Clone)」功能,協助使用者挑選成效突出的廣告物件進行複製並修改,之後再發佈到 facebook 上。能有效提升素材及受眾的重複使用率,並縮短廣告上架流程所耗費的時間。以下就逐一介紹整個 Campaign Clone 的流程。 流程 複製 Campaign 並發佈到 facebook 大體上可以分為幾個步驟: 選擇廣告物進件進行複製,得到複製後的「草稿 (Draft)」。目標可以是 Campaign、Ad Set、或是 Ad。 編輯 Campaign 草稿的目標 (Objective)。 修改 Ad Set 草稿的競價 (Bid Type & Unified Bidding) 、受眾 (Targeting)、與優化目標 (Promoted Object)。 更換 Ad 草稿的素材 (Creative) 與個競標價 (Bidding)。 勾選草稿進行發佈。 複製廣告物件 想要複製整個 Campaign 時,請先勾選目標,再選擇「編輯」選單中的「複製 (Clone)」。 複製完成後會被帶入 Campaign 草稿頁面,進行編輯與發佈。 選擇 Read more about adHub 5.8.0 – Campaign Clone 功能介紹[…]